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Welcome to eggnology.com, the home of Eggnology Communication Services. We provide engaging and strategic communication and public relations services to a wide range of companies. In addition, we are a boutique consultancy for the shell egg technology industry, with services ranging from public affairs to market development and accelerating market access.

Have you wondered why you’re not landing the deals you deserve based on your products’ or services’ strengths or merits? This usually comes down to two probable reasons:

  • either your potential clients don’t buy your company’s reputation or don’t trust you to deliver;
  • or those same clients don’t click with the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of your products or services.

It’s so easy for an engaged business to forget that customers may not look at your products or services the way you do. After all, you have developed your offering, and you are the expert who knows best how much value you have to add to your client’s needs. That often is the point where you lose your lead, because your customer is looking at a solution for his requirement. You see many trees, while your customer is looking for a forest. The bigger picture.

That’s where we come in. Eggnology Communication Services has more than 30 years of valuable, all-round expertise in corporate communication and strategic stakeholder engagement. We provide a fresh, independent analysis of how you are perceived by your clients, both as a company and as a service provider or products supplier. We help you in fine-tuning your USPs, and they can range from simply the best price to more content-rich quality benefits. Fine-tune it to your client’s needs and expectations to ensure that your lead connects and stays connected. By empowering your client to select your offering, you’re helping yourself drive your business and reach your targets. Win-win.

We have no fixed package, because each company’s requirements are different. Would you like a communication check-up? Or are you looking at long-term cooperation? Contact us.

In our niche market, we have provided strategic consultancy to mainly non-European egg tech solution providers keen to expand to the EU. Together, we explore market opportunities, identify and solve potential legislative restrictions, adapt your revenue model if necessary and assist you with any other issues.

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