Corporate Communications

Eggnology Communication Services is ideally tooled to devise and implement B2B and B2C communications strategies, because we can rely on our extensive and high-level experience from both sides of the fence. Corporate communication tells the story of your brand, both via “traditional” channels and through social media. We know how to strengthen your messaging so that your story enhances your reputation, becomes an efficient awareness creator and a great tool for stakeholder relations and indirect business development. Too often, companies focus only on their side of the story and fail to connect with what their potential client’s need. Too often, you stand to lose highly valuable leads because you fail to link their needs with your solution and USPs. In addition, companies also need to interact with their authorities and with other stakeholders such as its own staff, investors and the financial community, competitors and interest groups. Eggnology has a strong track record in drafting and delivering win-win solutions that establish long-term stakeholder relations to sustain corporate growth. We can analyse your current communication strategy and implementation and offer improvements, both on a continuous and on a project basis.

We have extended experience with media relations, both direct and via PR agencies, corporate and marketing messaging, crisis and reputation management (including spokesman experience), website and social media messaging, corporate movies, house style development and adherence, internal communications, etc. We provide built-to-suit copy writing and translation services to a wide range of clients.

Please contact us for a tailor-made solution to your communication challenges, or a communication health check-up.