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Case studies
TEN Media
Client: US manufacturer of on-shell laser marking equipment.

Problem Solution

Clearing regulatory issues

(EU and US)

  • Identified restrictive legislation and their European Commission administrators: only inkjet marking was approved
  • US only allowed shell egg marking by laser with maximum depth of mark of 25 micron
  • Coordinated microbiological study confirming that laser marking was completely safe and didn’t pose any new health risk.
  • Presented independent reports to Commission administrators (DG Sanco and DG Agri)
  • Commission approved reports, amended draft Council Regulation (EC) 1028/2006 to include laser as an allowed marking technology

  • Report kept on file for US administrators (USDA, FDA)
Market development
  • US: TEN Media had granted exclusive license to wholesaler for a TEN-owned and developed brand: provided assistance to wholesaler to expand his market, product launch in IL
  • In order for TEN to expand and regain control over its sales, developed and proposed private label strategy, based on market survey and on selected retailers’ strategic objectives
  • EU: converted US revenue model, based on consumers paying for traceability, to eggvertising revenue model that benefits all parties (consumer, retailer, advertiser, egg packer)
  • Initiated negotiations towards win-win solution with selected partners in Italy, Spain and Poland

Current status: TEN pulled out of negotiations shortly before final discussions on eggvertising in Italy and Spain. TEN opted to continue with its traceability and freshness coding revenue model. Its strategy failed and the company is being liquidated at present.

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