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Case studies
Leda Technologies
Client: Belgian manufacturer of an in-shell egg pasteurisation and cooking unit for hotels, elderly homes, hospitals, etc. A few examples of our work:

Problem Solution
Clearing regulatory issues Networking with EU institutions (Commission, Parliament, Council) resulted in pasteurisation technology approval. Upon successful upscaling, Commission intended making technology mandatory for eggs for human consumption that do not meet the requirements of EU Commission Regulation (EC) 1237/2007.
Networking with national authorities, eg The Netherlands (see document p. 5)
Creating market awareness Articles in general and specialist publications, tv and radio stations in line with phased market introduction.
Successful participation in competitions at exhibitions, food safety initiatives.
Networking: professional organisations, client symposia, conferences, etc
Key accounts

Identified access to key accounts (hotel chains, health care groups, etc) and inclusion in mandatory/recommended equipment list.

Negotiated contract terms.

Current status: Eggnology advised the client that business success was dependant on developing a larger pasteurisation unit (at least one case or 360 eggs at a time). Leda Technologies did not pursue upscaling, cooperation was ended. Leda Technologies was taken over in 2007.

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